Introduction SAP Group Reporting

On Wednesday 20th May, we gave an introduction to SAP Group Reporting. During a short morning session, we introduced you to the newest consolidation solution by SAP through a holistic view of the possibilities and future developments.

By Gert-Jan van den Berg, July 2021

SAP Silver Partner LogoWhat will you learn during the webinar Introduction SAP Group Reporting?

During the session, we covered the following topics:

  • How does Group Reporting differ from current consolidation solutions by SAP?
  • What is possible with SAP Group Reporting and how does the tool look like?
  • What is not possible with SAP Group Reporting and what is on the roadmap?
  • When should you pick SAP Group Reporting?
  • Which organizations are already using SAP Group Reporting?

For who is this interesting? 

Voor users of, and people interested in, SAP Group Reporting, such as:

  • Managers Reporting and (Group) Controllers
  • Business- and Financial Controllers
  • IT-managers and Finance Managers


There is no specific knowledge required for the Introduction SAP Group Reporting webinar.


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