The Future of Forecasting 2021

On the 25th of May, The Future of Forecasting took place. During this year’s Future of Forecasting, the focus was on data-driven predictive planning. The frequency and accuracy of plans will increase to anticipate challenges effectively and improve competitiveness significantly. Underlying topics are fact-based planning; Integrated Business Planning (IBP); application of Machine Learning; Analytics in forecasting and Predictive planning.

On the main stage, we had keynote speakers Frank Hartmann and Jeroen Otter. We also had sessions from T-Mobile,, ABN AMRO, KLM, Shell and Finext.

By Stephan de Wit, May 2021

During our event, we hosted the following sessions:

‘Will algorithms take over human forecasting?’
Prof. Frank Hartmann, Professor of Accounting at the Radboud University shared with us the changing role of Finance towards predictive forecasting. He linked his experience to applicability in business.

‘Data analytics towards future & competitive programming’
Jeroen Otter, national coach of the successful Dutch short track team, took you into the world of high-performance sports and the role that data plays in making better programs and predicting the potential of your own team and the competitors.

‘T-Mobile: Decision Making in a Turbulent Environment’
Also, Gerben Bijlholt, Senior Business Controller at T-Mobile, spoke at the event. Within T-Mobile, the organization is constantly adapting to the changes in the market and the organization. Decisions have to be made in a timely and solid manner. Having the right financial and non-financial information available is crucial for the finance department to act as a solid and trustworthy business partner.

‘ Forecasting on strong data analytics’
The travel industry is facing challenging times due to the pandemic. The forecasting models had to be redesigned quickly to remain valuable – continuous analytics show intriguing patterns that enable new data-driven forecasting models alongside alterations to the current forecasting models. is a data-driven company and is always looking to use intelligent planning models to gain an advantage in a competitive industry. During this event, Roopanjali Jasrotia, Senior Financial Planning Analyst at, took you on a journey of flexible data-driven planning and told you more about how they adapted quickly to the pandemic.

ABN AMRO: Transformation from expert-based to algorithm-based forecasting’
Ramon Vermeer, Business Developer in the Finance Domain at ABN AMRO Bank, shared with us the vision on the integrated Management Control Cycle and the shift from expert-based to driver and algorithmic model based forecasting at ABN AMRO. He took you on the innovation & transformation journey.

‘Shell Retail: Predictive Planning & Modelling’
In order to keep Retailers and Site Managers healthy during this pandemic, strong data-driven forecast and scenario planning models are needed.
Mark Williams, Global Enablement Manager Retail at Shell, told you all about how to gain insight into potential demands and minimalize service costs.

‘Transition from traditional planning to continuous planning’
“Continuous” planning offers the solution with modern EPM tooling! By using in-memory computing, data visualization tools and predictive analytics more accurate forecasting can be done within less time.
Patrick Tullemans, Finext associate and Financial Planning expert, discussed the transition from traditional planning to continuous planning.

‘KLM: Change of forecast models in a dynamic industry’
Stefan van Heukelum, Manager Finance Decision Support at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, has broad experience in facilitating and improving data-driven decision making in finance and control. During his session, Stefan discussed how forecasting is changing in the dynamic aviation industry.

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