Would you like to combine all your Performance Management- and Business Intelligence flows in one application? This is possible by using the cloud-platform developed by Board. Next to consolidation, future planning, and budgeting, Board also offers extensive dashboarding and other Business Intelligence-functions. For quick and simple decision-making, the combination of all the different flows of information created in the system offered by Board, is the most efficient way to work.

BOARD Monitor Retail

A worldwide track record in the field of BI and Integrated Performance Management

At the Dutch economic market Board is the biggest expanding ‘newby’. Nevertheless, Board has a backpack full of experience because this Performance Management solution exists for years already: since 1994 Board Solutions focuses on integrated solutions in the field of BI and Performance Management.

This cloud-solution solves all your companies’ problems. In the philosophy of Board it is important to bring all flows inside of BI and Performance Management together in one platform. Not only this improves the quality of data, it is also a way to optimize your operating systems. Combining consolidation, future planning, forecasting, and Business Intelligence, is an efficient way to develop smart insights and reports. Complex analysis, rolling forecasts, and Integrated Planning are because of this, easy to achieve.

Around 3000 different companies, like for example Coco-Cola, Ricoh, Puma, Gamma, Siemens, Carglass, and TUI, use the platform worldwide.

BOARD All-in-one-structure

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The advantages of Performance Management with Board

Board accelerates in the combining of different functions in one cloud-platform. This works not only for consolidation, future planning, forecasting, and dashboarding, but also for the analysis around Supply Chain, Sales, HR and Operations. Also Gartner describes Board as a platform that can be ranked on different horizontals and quadrants. In this way you can use this solution for different processes inside your organization:

Corporate Performance Management:

  • Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Strategy Management
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Integrated Business Planning

Business Intelligence:

  • Scorecarding en dashboarding
  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Data Discovery

Analytic solutions

  • Supply Chain
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Finance

The advantages of consolidation, future planning, and forecasting by using a Performance Management solution

Usage of the correct Performance and Management-software makes your company able to undertake major steps in reliability, speed, and effectiveness, on the financial process inside the organization.

The implementation of a Performance Management solution leads to the following advantages:

  • The financial close- and planning cycle is speeded up.
  • Consistent and reliable reports are written in an easier way.
  • The system is less prone to error and just one version of the truth is represented
  • A bigger insight in the origin of data
  • Higher productivity of the financial team

BOARD Cloud-service

The templates are built in a clear and simple way, so in practice they can be used very easy. By using drag & drop users are able to compose their own reports and analyses. A broad functionality and usability makes Board suitable for organizations searching for one platform that combines a lot of different functions.

Finext and Board

In which way do we help you with implementing and using Board? In the field of the implementation of, advice on, and help with, Board systems we are the biggest independent consultancy organization of the Netherlands. We work very closely together with Board. Would you like to know more about the current implementations? Get in touch with Victor Stijntjes.

Our specialists can assist you in:

  • The selecting of software
  • Software licences
  • Installation and hosting
  • Advice and implementation
  • Change management
  • Aftercare and management

As independent specialists we believe that each organizations situation requires a specific Performance Management solution. What is it the company needs, which goals have to be reached, and in which context? We are eager to help and to advice, also during selection procedures.

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