All-in-one Decision-Making Platform

Do you want to integrate all flows within Performance Management and Self Service BI in one platform? This is possible within the cloud platform of Board Solutions! Board offers solutions for consolidation, planning and budgeting. Also, functionalities such as Business Intelligence and dashboarding are combined with each other. By bringing all this management information together in one system, you can easily and quickly make better decisions.

Self Service BI & Performance Management

Board is a flexible integrated Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management system, created by financials for the financial function. The goal of Board is to modernize, digitize and harmonize the financial processes.

On the Dutch market Board is a fast-growing 'newcomer'. Yet, this Performance Management system has existed for years; since 1994, Board Solutions focuses on integrated solutions in the field of dynamic dashboarding and Performance Management. The platform is used worldwide by 3000 organizations within various industries, such as Coca-Cola, Ricoh, Puma, Gamma, Siemens, Carglass and TUI.

Board software

Why Board?

The great strength of Board is that it combines many different functionalities within the all-in-one platform. This applies to consolidation, planning, forecasting and dashboarding, but also analyses around Supply Chain, Sales, HR and Operations. Even in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Board has a position in different categories. This solution is used for many of the processes within your organization:

Performance Management

Business Intelligence

Analytic Solutions

Success stories


Board realized a Performance Management solution for S&OP and forecasting at Auping.

Louwman Group

Scenario Planning with Board at Louwman Group. Integrated planning and automated tax reporting.

One platform as a solution

Board's software is an all-rounder. This solution gives you the possibility to bring all flows within Dashboarding and Performance Management together in one platform. This is not only better for the data quality, but also for your control. By combining consolidation, planning & forecasting and Business Intelligence (BI) within one tool, you quickly get smart insights and useful data dashboards. All data and critical performance indicators (KPIs) become visible at a glance. This makes complex analyses, rolling forecasts and Integrated Planning easily achievable. It also results in full control over your business planning and performance.

The big advantage of Board

With the right Performance Management software, you can make great strides in the reliability, speed and effectiveness of the financial processes within your organization. The integration of a Performance Management platform gives you the following advantages:

  • Faster financial close- and planning cycle;
  • Easier to create consistent and reliable reports;
  • Less error-prone and one version of the truth;
  • More insight into the origin of the data;
  • Higher productivity of your finance team.
Board platform

Board in practice

Board's software consists of templates that are simple to set up so that they are easy to use in practice. Using drag & drop, users can create their own reports and analyses. The broad functionality and user-friendliness make Board suitable for organizations that are not looking for an extensive solution but are looking for a lot of features in one platform.

Start with Board!

Independent consultancy party

How does Finext support you around Board? We are the largest independent consultancy party in the Netherlands that supervises, advises and supports the implementation of Board. We therefore work closely with Board. Our Board specialists help you with software selection, software licenses, installation and hosting, advice and implementation, change management and aftercare and management.

Want to know more about Board?

We believe that the right Performance Management system depends on your situation. Wondering how Performance Management can be integrated within your organization? Contact Board consultant Victor Stijntjes for a free consultation and discover what benefits Board can offer you!