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  • “Grow with SAP” explained

There are many reasons why you will be considering an ERP in the cloud and many others why you may choose SAP but, in this blog, I discuss the reasons for going to S/4HANA Public Cloud.

Door Dennis Onstenk, augustus 2023

An old Swedish idiom says that “loved ones have many names”  and that could certainly be true in 2023 for the SAP cloud ERP offering as S/4HANA has many different names, flavours and packaging. Let’s be clear: the latest ERP value proposition from SAP for the mid-market is called Grow with SAP which is a bundle of SAP goodies built around the same ERP which over the past years has been known as S/4HANA Cloud, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Simple Finance and Rise with SAP which is another bundle intended for existing ECC customers moving to S/4HANA.

Grow with SAP is largely intended for new, mid-market customers and has SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud at its heart. But it also comes with the Business Technology Platform for authorization and integration, SAP Build for low-code and automation and a number of finance goodies such as Group Reporting for consolidation and Advanced Financial Close to automate period closings.

Ever helpful, SAP has provided a clear slide to show what’s included in the value proposition:











It must be a rare occasion that today it actually makes sense to look at SAP just for the price. Grow with SAP is amazing value and without going into details I can confidently state that you can run a sizeable company with just over €150k per year. Implementation times are cut to a minimum by doing what you should really be doing with any ERP implementation, and that is sticking to the standards supported by the ERP.

In SAP language, these standards are called Best Practices.

The most brutal and honest way to describe this is to say that The System Is The Blueprint. Instead of building custom functionality to fit a process that has grown the way it has over the past 20 years, we suggest you look again and take full advantage of your new ERP implementation to enable your company to look forward to the next 20 years by adopting best practices and fine-tune them to your needs in Fit 2 Standard workshops.

The reward is a system that is kept up-to-date and secure by SAP with flexible modern processes ready for automation that lay the basis for a connected and resilient way of doing business. Anything that does really not fit, you can build quickly in SAP Build or another low-code platform and connect through API’s, the other cornerstone of modern cloud ERP’s.

Now you have the basis for a business that can speed up processes using smart automation and really use the SAP Business AI solutions for things such as customer demand forecasting, invoice matching and assisted anomaly detection. To name a few obvious ones.

Finext specialises in the full SAP finance stack consisting of S/4HANA Cloud (Finance-led), Group Reporting and Analytics Cloud whilst working with proven SAP partners for integration and extension. We’re also a partner to international SAP partners providing deep finance knowledge ensuring a datamodel you can trust – a Single Source of Truth that the HANA database aims to be.

Would you like to have a chat with me about S/4HANA in the context of finance and what it can do for you? Send me an e-mail or contact me on Linked-In.

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