• Webinar: Best Practices of Territory and Quota Planning

Together with our partners at Sonum International, we want to demonstrate how Anaplan will help you to get more insight into the sales performance of your organisation. Therefore, we are hosting a series of webinars on Sales Performance Management (SPM). In this edition, we discussed Territory & Quota Planning.

Webinar: Best Practices of Territory and Quota Planning

Best Practices of Territory and Quota Planning

Providing insight into sales targets can often be difficult. Especially when you have to deal with (re)allocations, large amounts of data and also work in a rapidly changing organization and environment. On February 21st we showed you how to get more insight in Sales Performance within your organization with the help of Anaplan.


In this webinar we zoomed in on Territory and Quota Planning:

  • Bottom-up & top-down planning of targets
  • Flexible re-allocation on a personal level
  • The example of a joint planning process

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