Predictive Analytics with Oracle Analytics Cloud

Tuesday 25 february, Farangis Darwesh presented the webinar ‘Predictive Analytics with Oracle Analytics Cloud’. She showed you how Oracle Analytics Cloud can support you throughout the whole process of data analytics.

Dealing with large datasets can be challenging and time consuming, especially in the process of cleaning, transforming and modelling data to discover valuable information decision making. This webinar will show you how Oracle Analytics Cloud can support you throughout the whole process of data analytics.Oracle logo 2021

In this webinar you will learn how Oracle Analytics Cloud can help you in the process of data preparation, data analysis & predictive analytics, with the help of embedded AI & machine learning. Giving you, as a business user, the tools to prepare data effectively. In addition, you’re now able to focus on gaining valuable insights from your analysis and predictions.

What questions does this webinar answer for you?

  • First, how can I optimize the process going from raw data to valuable information for decision making?
  • How can I use machine learning to make predictions in my analysis, without any programming skills?
  • By what means can I discover (new) correlations in my dataset most effectively?

Discover how the predictive analytics possibilities in Oracle Analytics Cloud can help you as a business user to gain insight fast & efficiently through embedded AI and machine learning functionalities.

For whom is this interesting?

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Controllers
  • IT-managers Managers

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