Organize your IFRS 16 processes efficiently and accurately

In this webinar, Stef Jansen in de Wal shows the IFRS 16 solution in Anaplan, developed by Finext. Watch the webinar below.

IFRS 16 processComplying with the IFRS 16 regulations can bring you complications in identifying and collecting correct information, and setting up an effective process can be challenging. Finext developed the expertise to support you in the development of a smooth and straightforward IFRS 16 process. We have translated this expertise into practice.

Our application provides you with a solution for obtaining and calculating the IFRS 16 implications for your organization. This allows you to save time in calculating accurate IFRS 16 impact.

What do you learn in this webinar?

  • What an IFRS 16 solution brings you
  • How you can optimize your IFRS 16 processes
  • How your accuracy improves by using a point solution for IFRS 16




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