Oracle FCC: What’s new?

We organized the webinar ‘Oracle FCC: What’s new?’. In half an hour, we showed you the new version of Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud (FCC). Here, you can watch the webinar again.

By Joost Mellegers, December 2020

Oracle FCCDespite all the possibilities, many finance professionals still use many spreadsheets or aged systems. These costs an unnecessary amount of time and effort, and is error-prone. This way of working is simply outdated. The renewed cloud-solution offers a fast, robust, and reliable platform for your consolidation process. Platforms like Oracle FCC enable you to improve your consolidation process in a short amount of time, helping you to stay in control of the entire process. Moreover, clever reports, and appealing dashboards make the sharing of the results easier.

In the webinar, we will discuss the following features:

– Advanced Consolidations, including Ownership Management and Organization by Period
– Integration of the several Oracle EPM Cloud Services
– Configurable translations
– Configurable calculations

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