No more out of date budgets, thanks to dynamic and integrated planning

On October 12th, our webinar “No more out of date budgets, thanks to dynamic and integrated planning” took place. Watch this webinar back at the bottom of the page!

Dynamisch Plannen met SAC

No more out of date budgets, thanks to dynamic and integrated planning

redictability of results and the ability to respond quickly to market changes are crucial to survival as a company. Yet many organizations persist in their planning processes with the old methods; fragmented separate departmental budgets that are set up once. In these turbulent times, it becomes even more apparent that we cannot address new challenges with old methods. Having a dynamic and integrated plan offers a solution. But how do you organize that smartly across different departments? And how do I also quickly achieve tangible results for my organization?

During our webinar on October 12th, Finext’s experts addressed a number of these questions. They showed you how you can quickly make progress by using our practical planning models. They also showed the latest techniques that make it easier to create an integral and dynamic plan. This allows you to react more quickly as an organization in these hectic times and to never have a static and outdated plan again.

What will you learn during this webinar?

  • First, what is dynamic planning? How will this help your organization deal with increasing uncertainty?
  • Introducing module templates for different industries
  • Finally, we make the translation to SAC

For whom is this interesting?

For users of, or interested in, SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning who want to build bridges between the different silos within their organisation.

  • Managers Reporting en (Group) Controllers
  • Business Controllers
  • FP&A Managers en Professionals

Want to know more?

Would you like to learn more about dynamic planning with SAP Analytics Cloud? We have written a series of blogs about the features of SAP Analytics Cloud. Read one of the blogs here. If you want to know more about dynamic planning for your organization, you can also schedule a one-on-one meeting with these experts here. We will then discuss the specific questions of your organization and explore together how our module templates can be used in your situation.

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