Integrated Business Planning with OneStream

Finext organised a webinar about Integrated Business Planning with OneStreamWhat do we understand by Integrated Business Planning, abbreviated to IBP?

By Ruben Cammeraat, October 2020

OneStreamIntegrated Business Planning can be a complex process. We can imagine that you sometimes struggle with it or have questions about this topic, such as: what results can you expect from it? And what are the drivers for starting an Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process?

IBP firstly includes the translation of strategic ambitions into operational objectives and targets for the organizational units and business processes. This translation usually takes place during the budget cycle.

Also, IBP implies that business functions such as Sales, Logistics, Marketing, R&D and Production align their goals and activities on a quarterly, monthly or even weekly basis. And where Finance will assess whether these plans result in the targeted sales and profitability according to budget and strategic plan.

Companies that have this alignment in order are in control. They have demonstrably more satisfied customers and turnover, lower working capital and a grip on business operations. Adequate EPM software is needed to make IBP possible.

In our webinar, we showed how OneStream supports Integrated Business Planning.

What questions does this webinar answer for you?

  • What is integrated business planning (IBP)?
  • Which concrete results can you expect from IBP?
  • What are drivers to start an IBP process?
  • What is the added value of an EPM platform like Onestream XF in IBP?

For whom is this interesting?

For users of or interested in OneStream, such as:

  • Managers Reporting and (Group) Controllers
  • Business & Financial Controllers
  • IT Managers and Finance Managers

View the webinar?

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