• Integrated Business Planning with Anaplan

Planning the delivery of the right products or services at the right time can be a big challenge within your company. In the webinar “Integrated Business Planning in Anaplan“, we discussed how the synchronization of your commercial, financial and logistics planning in one overview leads to reliable forecasting, lower inventory volume, and high-detailed financial prognoses.

By Stef Jansen in de Wal, February 2020

Integrated Business Planning with Anaplan

It could be a big challenge for your company to plan the delivery of the right products or services at the right time. Therefore, an effective planning process is a must-have. It provides guidance and ensures that business functions such as sales, logistics, marketing, Integrated Business Planning with AnaplanR&D and production align their activities. This happens on a quarterly, monthly or even weekly basis. Are you curious how Finext realizes this? Then watch the webinar about IBP below and find out how we work.

Connected Planning in Anaplan

  • User-friendly: Integrated Business Planning with Anaplan offers users the possibility to adjust their dashboards to their personal preferences. There is no dependence on a pre-defined format or design. This is all possible without the help of IT departments or consultants.
  • Real-time calculation: Calculations are processed in real-time in integrated schedules. Because of this, the impact of changes throughout the organization is immediately visible.
  • Cloud-based: Anaplan is completely cloud-based. This means that server management and associated investments do not apply.

Benefits of Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning with Anaplan is real-time coordination between all planning departments within your organization. As a result, synchronizing commercial, financial and logistical planning in one joint overview leads to great benefits, such as:

  • reliable forecasting;
  • lower inventory volumes;
  • more extensive financial forecasts

Do you want to know more about IBP?

Then click here to view more webinars or reach out to one of our finance professionals, Stef Jansen in de Wal or Willem van Os.

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