Training Anaplan – The Basics

Sign up for the training Anaplan Basics! Using the powerful planning-tool Anaplan, Finext supports your organization by connecting multiple planning functions within your business. A unique characteristic of Anaplan is that end-users are capable of modifying the models within Anaplan, without support of IT or consultants.

What do you learn during the training?

Within this training, the basic skills of Anaplan are explained, from where the end-user is capable of making the first adjustments to the model.


In this training you will learn about the following subjects:

  1. Model set-up
  2. Setting up hierarchy
  3. Creating a module (data cube)
  4. Importing data
  5. Straightforward calculation
  6. Calculating forecast data
  7. Publishing data on a dashboard
  8. Finish your dashboard

Who is this interesting for?

When you are or become a daily end-user of Anaplan and you don’t have any experience with Anaplan, this training is interesting for you.

Enrol or inhouse

This training Anaplan Basics is regularly organized by Finext. Check our agenda for the coming edition. The investment amounts €349.- excl. VAT per participant. Another possibility is to set up an inhouse training for multiple colleagues together. Ask for the possibilities.

Training Anaplan Basics