Training Anaplan – Advanced Calculations

Training Anaplan Advanced Calculations: sign up now! Anaplan combines a planning and modelling engine, predictive analytics, and cloud collaboration into one simple interface for business users. This Anaplan-platform enables users to control their own planning processes and provides the flexibility to adjust those processes to the changing needs within the organisation.

What do you learn about Anaplan?

Within the training, we focus on the calculation possibilities within Anaplan. From here, the end-user is capable of controlling their calculations and analysis that is done within the model.


In training Anaplan Advanced Calculations, you will learn about the following subjects:

1.Complex formulas:

  • Moving Average 1.0 – Basics
  • Moving Average 2.0 – Performance (R²)
  • Linear regression – Matrix calculation
  • Allocation logic
  • Exponential smoothing

2. Visualisation of calculations

Who is this interesting for?

Are you looking for extensive (statistical) calculations in Anaplan and do you already have some experience with Anaplan? Then this training is interesting for you!

Enrol or inhouse

This training is regularly organized by Finext. Check our agenda for the coming edition. The investment amounts €349.- excl. VAT per participant. Another possibility is to set up an inhouse training for multiple colleagues together. Ask for the possibilities.

training Anaplan Advanced Calculations