Connected Reporting with Workiva

Easily connect different data elements and view them whenever you want. Workiva is a Reporting and Compliance Cloud platform for the finance professional who would like to have more time for data, analysis and the future.
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Modern way of Reporting

Workiva makes it possible to easily connect processes, data and people. Thanks to this modern form of reporting, many processes can be automated. This results in more available time which you can invest in data analysis and forecasting.
Workiva - Modern reporting
Workiva - sneller verbinden van processen

Easily connect data, people and processes

Workiva makes it possible to connect data directly from the source. The accuracy of the data increases, which in turn increases trust. This way, you can be sure that the story accompanying the data is correct.

Connected Reporting Platform

With the connected reporting platform, you centralize and automate data from multiple systems. You can easily create reports and presentations and add them to the Cloud platform. In addition, thanks to the connection between people and departments, you can work on projects simultaneously from different locations.
Workiva financial transformation hero

Solutions of Workiva

Workiva's solutions focus on the aspects of 'Connect', 'Automate' and 'Transform'.


Connect people, data and processes

Modern reporting saves finance professionals a lot of time. Connecting data directly from the source saves a lot of manual work. Workiva collects both structured and unstructured data. These data streams are automatically analyzed and put into various reports with great accuracy.

Workiva Connect


Eliminate risk with repeatable and reliable processes

Workiva allows data to come together effortlessly. Doing so, all the data will remain 100% fully auditable.

Workiva automate


Better decisions based on data

Easily synchronize data from the Cloud and Excel spreadsheets. Data is automatically refreshed leaving you more time for in-depth analysis. Doing so, you create one data source which is continuously connected to all your reports and analyses. The result is that you are able to make decisions faster and better.


Workiva's benefits

Workiva's Cloud solutions are available on-demand. The solutions are designed to fit current and future processes inside and outside your organization. In short: flexible, intuitive and scalable.

Safest Cloud Platform

Workiva protects sensitive financial and operational information for more than 3,500 organizations.

Internal audit management

Manage complex audit fieldwork and workpapers with unparalleled ease.

Enterprise risk management

Easily manage the entire ERP process from one location.

Management of policies and procedures

Workiva makes it easy to set up an efficient policy and procedure process.

Future of Corporate Reporting

March 25 2021 | 13.00 – 17.45 | Online

On March 25, 2021, the 8th edition of the Future of Corporate Reporting will be organized. This is the first time Workiva will be present as a partner at this special day.

Curious about the story behind Workiva?

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Simplicity works.

At Finext, we believe that simplicity works. Simplicity helps us accelerate, improve business performance and increase the agility of our company. By reducing complexity, we help financial professionals get back to the essence and help them improve their financial efficiency.

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