Enterprise Performance Management with a refreshing look at spreadsheets and Excel.

With Excel as a powerful tool, Vena enables organizations to easily connect users.

A Different Look at Spreadsheets

Many companies find budgeting, planning and 'forecasting' challenging processes. There are numerous Excel templates and file versions that finance specialists have to take into account. This can lead to uncertainty about data quality and data integrity.

Many finance teams spend a lot of time manually copying, pasting and correcting figures in existing spreadsheets. In this way a lot of valuable time is lost. After all, should you not focus on analyzing the data, instead of producing it?

Vena Excel Solutions

Why Vena?

Vena's interface links the best parts of Excel to the power of a complete financial planning solution. This helps you to easily streamline workflows without disrupting your processes.

Combining the flexibility of spreadsheets with Vena's central database, advanced workflows and business rules, creates a solution that ensures that control information is secure, accessible and up-to-date.

Because of the user-friendliness and enormous flexibility, Vena is quickly embraced by users.

Discover the Vena Solutions

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

Vena gets you out of the monthly cycle of collecting and checking data. This way a financial can really focus on looking ahead. Budgeting, planning & forecasting is Vena's core focus. With Vena you have constant focus on current data which allows you to fully rely on everything you see.

Whether it's about the 'normal' planning or things like rolling forecasting, capex planning and cost allocations, Vena delivers great added value in professionalizing and streamlining the planning process.

Rolling forecast Vena
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Integrated Business Planning

Every department has its own planning processes. In many cases we see that these processes are not properly linked. This is a pity, because the outcome of sales planning obviously has a substantial effect on logistical production and financial planning. And vice versa, this has a restriction in production and an impact on planned sales.

Vena helps to break down silos and let planning processes work together in an integrated environment. This does not mean that everything has to be planned in Vena. A great integration with ERP, CRM and other sources ensures that this input can also be used. Several companies, including and Abott, already use Vena for a fully integrated planning process.

Wondering how Vena helped with Integrated Business Planning?

Projectplanning & Control

Project planning and control, project management and project administration. Terms that are often used interchangeably for the (financial) management of projects and the project portfolio. Bigger organizations who run big projects know exactly why these projects can be extremely complex.

More rigid planning packages are often not sufficient and a lot has to be set up based on internal processes and types of projects. Especially when it comes to complex, long-term projects, Vena can help you look ahead and limit risks through insight. We have implemented Vena at many organizations that now all benefit from easy project planning and financial budgeting.

Projectplanning subscription summary
Project planing Vena

Financial Close Management

Discover how a centralized database, modern security and powerful process automation help you shorten the closing process and gain more confidence in reported numbers.

Vena automates time-consuming processes such as data collection and inter-company matching. But also price conversions and minority interests can be standardized. Especially when financial close management is still done in Excel. It gives you all the above functionality and at the same time you keep the flexibility of Excel.

Management Reporting

Instant "what-if" scenarios based on real-time actuals and proprietary business drivers. That's one of the possibilities Vena gives you. Data from different sources is combined in one database which allows you to continuously simulate. The impact of all possible changes in, for example, turnover, head count, cash flow becomes clear in an instant.

In Vena you no longer need to do manual 'copy and paste' actions. You can work out and compare multiple scenarios simultaneously. And when you choose a scenario, you can immediately share it with colleagues and include the figures in the rest of the process.

Scenario planning is not something that needs to be set up separately in Vena. Almost all of our customers use scenario planning to a greater or lesser extent within their regular planning processes.

financial analysis

Did you know that 84% of the companies that implement an FP&A solution ultimately rely on Excel?

Vena makes working in Excel easier. Experience both the freedom of Excel and the structure of the Cloud. 

Success stories

With the implementation of Vena, is always able to respond quickly to changing markets. Thanks to Vena they can now easily add stores or split up countries.  

Delta Fiber

Better integration of financial processes thanks to project administration and control. 

Finext and Vena

The people behind Vena have been close acquaintances in the Performance Management market for years. Finext has included Vena as a relatively new supplier in its portfolio of Performance Management solutions.

The unique positioning in relation to Excel makes Vena an interesting option for many of our clients who want to replace their spreadsheets with a more robust and secure solution.

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