CCH Tagetik Analytical Information Hub

With the Analytical Information Hub (AI-Hub), CCH Tagetik takes your financial model to the next level.

Next to the Financial Workspace, the user gets the possibility to model data in the AI-Hub. This allows the financial to go beyond the traditional CCH Tagetik model and gain access to Big Data operations and a full-fledged Data-Driven system.

Because the data is stored and processed smarter, performance improvements can be expected in cases of large data sets. It also gives the end-user more in-depth analytical capabilities. The screens of the AI-Hub are part of the already known CCH Tagetik screens, providing a financial without any form of programming access to setting up complex calculations and processes.

The four fastest advantages of the AI-Hub for users are:

  • The expansion of the Actuals process
  • Planning & Budgeting on a free canvas
  • Management Reports with many dimensions
  • Standardization of data outside the Finance department

The Analytical Information Hub

By using the AI-Hub, the Finance department can add more detail to the Actuals process. Think about this:

  • Reading in general ledger journals
  • Reporting outside the five standard dimensions of the financial model
  • Faster drill-throughs through smarter data modelling

Also, the Planning & Budgeting process can go beyond the existing dimensionality, for example, to introduce many more drivers into your calculations to create your budget.

Calculate where you need it: with the AI-Hub, you can use your financial model more efficiently by storing data in a smarter way (partitioning). This gives performance improvements during your consolidation. Because of this partitioning, the AI-Hub offers the possibility for fast complex calculations: the data tables are only used for the measures, which improves performance. Think of Statistical Forecasting, Big Data Allocations and Data-Driven Calculations.

In our opinion, the AI-Hub offers a platform that can replace the strong ETL functionality of CCH Tagetik in the long run: Not only is it possible to access multiple (non-financial) sources with the AI-Hub, but the AI-Hub can also be used as a kind of data warehouse.

The benefits of the Analytical Information Hub

  • Easy to model
  • Quick to implement
  • Zipper different sources together
  • Works with large amounts of data
  • Seamlessly integrated with your current reporting model
  • More grip on your data
  • Can also be used standalone

Finext and CCH Tagetik

Finext is a 'Specialist Consulting' partner of CCH Tagetik. Because of this collaboration, we are always up to date with the latest developments and the latest solutions. CCH Tagetik consultants at Finext are trained and certified by CCH Tagetik. They are experts on the following CCH Tagetik technologies:

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CCH Tagetik Analytical Information Hub