Disclosure Management in a different way. End users collaborate efficiently while creating and publishing business documents with MS Office.

Disclosure Management through Inversed Design

When producing annual or periodic reports, regulatory reports, risk and compliance reports, sustainability reports and other business reports, Sturnis365 turns the classic application implementation upside down thanks to “Inversed Design”. Import the existing document and Sturnis365 creates the application. No more implementations.

Important characteristics of Sturnis365:
> Builds on the MS Office knowledge that is already present in organizations.
> Designed for continuous change and flexible structures.
> Set for automatic data and metadata synchronization.

Finext and Sturnis365

The people behind Sturnis365 and Finext go back many years. Together we implemented Group Reporting solutions in the 1990s. We support this solution because we trust on the added value of Sturnis365 for our customers.