SAP Analytics Cloud

Access to your (financial) data from the cloud? Planning, budgeting, and forecasting anytime, anywhere? SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) helps you with planning, real-time analysis, and business intelligence. This modern SAP solution presents multiple analysis options and gives you faster and easier insight into your organization.

The benefits of Performance Management in the cloud

SAP SAC GraphicBy switching to SAC, you have all the advantages of a full-fledged Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution combined with the advantages of “the cloud”:

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Can be expanded flexibly
  • No investments in servers or IT infrastructure
  • A reliable and safe platform
  • Continuously use the latest software version

The benefits of Performance Management with SAP Analytics Cloud

With SAC, you can not only make (financial) plans but also analyze and publish them directly. This solution makes the planning process within your organization more flexible and simultaneously more accurate.

SAC focuses on three pillars:

  • Planning
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Predictions

You can use SAC to make a financial plan, including things such as budgeting and forecasting, but also for making operational or HR plans. The standard built-in functionalities offer you a lot of support for this and give you the option to set up the process easily. Click here to watch one of our webinars to get an impression of the planning options.

SAC also offers extensive “self-service” BI options with which you can directly compare your forecasts with your actuals, and also lets you set up other analyzes and visualizations yourself. With SAC you can create tailor-made visualizations for each situation. In this webinar, we show what this can look like in practice.

If desired, you can share the visualizations with other users within or outside the solution, for example via the SAP Digital Boardroom or via email as a PDF. Additionally, with the SAP Analytics Cloud app, these insights are also accessible with mobile devices. This way, you can help the business answer its questions – anytime, anywhere.

Finext and SAP Analytics Cloud

How does Finext support you around SAP Analytics Cloud? We are the largest independent consultancy in the Netherlands that guides, advises, and supports the implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud. We have been working closely with SAP since 2007 and have been steadily growing to cement our foothold in the market. For example, you can find us in the “partner port” at SAP in s-Hertogenbosch and we regularly organize knowledge sessions and webinars to further support our clients.

More than 80 organizations have chosen our expertise to optimize their financial processes with SAP. Our specialists can help you with:

  • Software selection
  • Software licenses
  • Installation & hosting
  • Advice, implementation & roll-out
  • Maintenance & management

As independent specialists, we believe that the right consolidation solution depends on your situation. What is the context, what are your goals, and what does the business need? We are happy to advise you on this, also during the selection process.

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