SAP Profitability and Performance Management

Are you a financial professional looking for more insight into the costs and revenues of your organization? Or are you looking for new insights from a business perspective to improve the performance of your customers, products, or sales channels? SAP PaPM provides financials and business teams with tools to optimize their business processes and the ability to respond quickly to developments.

SAP Profitability and Performance Management

Profitability and Performance management (PaPM) is a solution from SAP that enables financials and business teams to convert their information into actionable insights based on powerful calculation models. As a user, you can develop various models with PaPM, calculate “on-the-fly” simulations, and unlock various data sources. The application can calculate large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, a clear user interface makes it easy for the user to develop and use their own models.

With the switch to PaPM you have all the benefits of a full Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution combined with transparent and efficient allocations:

  • Insight increases the power of your decisions
  • Immediate availability of actionable insights
  • Structure your processes to increase your return even more

PaPM consists of three core functionalities

Business data aggregator

PaPM has the ability to directly connect different operational systems, databases, and flat files. In addition to the excellent integration with other SAP products, PaPM also has the option of collaborating with other BI applications. PaPM establishes connections without replicating data, meaning no extra system capacity is required.

Calculation engine

Create models that are fully in line with your business, increase the confidence of the organization and its members through the full transparency of these calculation models. It is no longer a “black box”. PaPM uses in-memory computing power, which makes it possible to quickly calculate large datasets from various sources. This functionality allows companies to calculate complex calculations faster compared to other applications.

Simulation application

Business information can be converted into real-time insights with PaPM, but its computing power can also be used to calculate simulations and what-if scenarios. As the engine links data from multiple sources, figures can be directly influenced in reports to assess the impact of decisions.

What can PaPM do for you?

  1. Empower the people

PaPM enables financials and the business to make data-driven decisions based on powerful models. Companies can design these models according to their own style and preference so that these insights match the needs of organizations. With the power of PaPM, the results are rapidly available when you need them. This makes your company more agile because you can respond faster to internal and external developments.

  1. Intelligence on demand

PaPM obtains information directly from the source to ensure the reliability of the results. With insights into customers, products, and sales channels, you can determine targeted actions. With the option to apply what-if scenarios to the models, potential decisions can be tested and evaluated before a decision is actually made. Optimize decisions to improve the performance of your organization.

  1. Process to result

Desired results can be calculated with PaPM into robust schedules and budgets. This allows companies to organize their activities and capacity in such a way that they are in line with the desired results. During the financial cycles, these budgets and forecasts can develop dynamically with the situation of the organization. With these insights, it is possible to critically assess current business processes to improve them towards the desired results. This process makes your schedules and budgets more transparent.

Finext and SAP Performance and Profitability Management

With a combination of technical, financial, and business knowledge, Finext helps your organization in the search for returns. We have been working closely with SAP since 2007 to provide insight into, and improve, the performance of companies. You will find us in the “partner port” at SAP in Den Bosch and we regularly organize knowledge sessions, training courses, and webinars.

For years, we have been leveraging this expertise to help clients with allocation and profitability projects. This wide-varied experience ensures that we can fully support you in the implementation of SAP PaPM in terms of content, process, and technology.

Nonetheless, we always have our eye on the latest developments in the industry and enjoy our position as a frontrunner of innovation; Finext is often the first to implement a new SAP EPM solution in the Netherlands. Our partner SAP simultaneously values ​​our approach: in 2009 we became the first Dutch SAP Recognized Expertise Partner in the EPM area. Want to know more about our collaboration? Watch this video about Finext & SAP.

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