Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) is a proven consolidation solution. Oracle consolidation software is used worldwide, has been a household name for years and can deal with a high degree of complexity.

HFM (Oracle Hyperion Financial Management) simplifies consolidation and (external) reporting processes in your organization, which frees up time and attention for other financial control matters.

The advantages of a consolidation solution

With the right consolidation software, your organization can significantly improve the reliability, speed and effectiveness of its reporting and consolidation process. Implementation of a new consolidation solution provides the following benefits:

  1. Faster financial close cycles (fast close).
  2. Easier generation of multi-GAAP and IFRS reports.
  3. Less error-prone and one single SOx and auditor proof version of the state of affairs.
  4. Better insight in the origin of the data.
  5. Higher productivity of financials.

The advantages of HFM

The number of entities to be consolidated in HFM ranges from five to over a thousand. Is your consolidation less complex? Oracle Hyperion has adapted its licensing policy several years ago, which makes it an interesting option for ‘smaller’ and ‘less complex’ organizations. This makes Oracle Hyperion Financial Management an adaptable and cost-efficient solution for every consolidation.

In addition, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is equipped as standard with Intercompany matching, an audit trail and equity coordination to move faster and to facilitate risk management.

Many organizations, both in the Netherlands and worldwide, have implemented this solution successfully, which provided them with clarity about the story behind the figures, an efficient process and significant time and cost reduction, which frees up time for analyzing the figures.

Want to know more about Oracle Hyperion Financial Management?

We as independent specialists believe that the right software solution is determined by your situation. What is the context, what are the goals you want to achieve and what are your business needs? We are happy to advise and assist, also during the selection process. Do you have questions? Mail Victor!

HFM in practice

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