Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Management

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Management (FDM) is the data integration tool for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) systems. FDM makes different sources easily accessible for an EPM application. Whether these are text files, databases, ERP systems or other EPM applications.

Remote users can use a web browser to easily start loading processes. Maintenance of mapping tables can also be decentralized through the data-integration software. This provides great flexibility when units with different source systems need to contribute to the same report.

Every step in the reading, translation and uploading process of the data is logged in FDM and is available for analysis and auditing.

The advantages of data-integration solutions

The right data-integration software will boost your financial information landscape. Implementation of data-integration solutions provides the following benefits:

  • Easy integration of different sources (both import and export)
  • Any loaded figure can be tracked back to its source. (drill-through)
  • Monitoring of the Data delivery process of different supply points/systems
  • Responsibility for the data-supply and data-mapping is shifted to the submitting entities.

Advantages of Oracle FDM

Oracle FDM is the standard for uploading financial and non-financial data to Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Hyperion Planning (HPL), Essbase, Profitabillity & Cost Management, Hyperion Enterprise and Strategic Finance.

Almost all of our Oracle Hyperion clients use this data-integration software. It is a proven solution that provides a reliable and cost-efficient process. In addition, FDM is user friendly and maintenance is easy. Many organizations have lowered their audit cost significantly with Oracle FDM.

The introduction of the Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) has added even more possibilities. In FDMEED, data-exchange between different EPM-systems is a standard feature.

Oracle Hyperion FDM in practice

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Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Management

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