A rigid and structured consolidation, while also being able to create flexible plans and budgets? With Fluence both are possible! A unique consolidation engine add-on on the Vena platform: best of both worlds...

Welcome to Fluence. We close early.

Fluence gives it users the time, confidence and simplicity needed to ensure that deadlines are met. Fluences comes with out-of-the-box functionalities, ‘no-coding’ repair and maintenance services, and a fully functioning Excel interface. These tools combined result in a faster deployment and mastery for users and a higher return on investment.

A software vendor with the goal to give the financials of this world more free time, catches our interest of course. However that goal is more serious than you might assume at first glance because the time that you gain from fixing inefficient and broken processes gives you more time to focus on the tasks that really do make a difference!

Why Fluence

Fluence is an advanced consolidation engine, that can run rate conversion and consolidation methodologies with ease. Compared to other tools on the market, almost all of Fluence’s features are working out-of-the-box, with only client specific data and structures needed to be implemented.

For both the front end (e.g. workflow, reports, dashboards) and data storage of Fluence is completely integrated with Vena Solution. This means that Fluence can use the the existing flexibility of the Vena Solutions platform, which is perfectly suited to change existing models. Therefore Fluence is very suited for creating fast and thorough implementations.

On top of that, a Fluence user can immediately use all the functionality present in Vena Solutions. Simply put, Fluence is a best of breed architecture with needless integration for consolidation and business planning. Additionally, the full capabilities of the add-on can be unlocked with Power BI, with which almost any use case in terms of Enterprise Performance Management can be addressed.

Finext and Fluence

The creators of Fluence know their way around the industry, with roots in solutions such as SAP BPC, Vena, and Longview. And these roots are very noticable in this product. The result? A brand new solution that our consultants completely mastered in just one day.

This ease of use, in combination with its unique positioning towards Excel, makes Fluence an interesting option for many of our clients that want to put aside spreadsheets in favor for a more robust and safe solution.

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