SAP Disclosure Management

Internal management reports and monthly- & yearly reports remain for many organizations a time-consuming and error-prone process. SAP Disclosure Management (SAP DM) aids in streamlining monthly- and yearly reporting, and internal management reporting. Enhancing collaboration through the workflow and audit trail features, the process is managed and monitored from A to Z; making the reporting process faster and more secure. This allows professionals to focus on the content of these reports, rather than the process of it.

The benefits of Disclosure Management solutions

With the proper Disclosure Management software, the processes of making monthly- & annual reports are streamlined within your organization. At the same time, it improves the reliability of the annual report. By implementing a new Disclosure Management solution, you will achieve the following benefits:

  • More efficient and faster annual reporting process
  • Workflow from A to Z
  • Less error prone
  • Less manual inputs
  • Collaborating with multiple people in the same document

The benefits of SAP DM

SAP Disclosure Management allows you to combine data and comments of multiple people in one document, while still allowing everyone to work on it simultaneously, without overriding each other. Multiple departments can work independently on the same document and complex version management is no longer necessary.

The Disclosure Management solution of SAP also contains a thorough audit trail, to provide insight into who made certain changes. Not only does this provide more clarity internally, but it also saves time and money during the audit.

Furthermore, SAP DM also allows you to easily comply with XBRL requirements, or any other financial standard, such as IFRS.

Finext and SAP DM

Now, what role does Finext play in improving your reporting processes with SAP DM? We are the largest independent consultancy in the Netherlands that guides, advises, and supports the implementation of SAP BPC. We have been working closely with SAP since 2007 and have been steadily growing to cement our foothold in the market. For example, you can find us in the “partner port” at SAP in s-Hertogenbosch.

Nonetheless, we always have our eye on the latest developments in the industry and enjoy our position as a frontrunner of innovation. For example, Finext provided the first integration of SAP BPC with SAP HANA in the Netherlands. Our partner SAP also values ​​our approach: in 2009 we became the first Dutch SAP Recognized Expertise Partner in the EPM area. Want to know more about our collaboration? Watch this video about Finext & SAP.

More than 80 organizations have chosen our expertise to optimize their financial processes with SAP. Our specialists can help you with:

  • Software licenses
  • Installation & hosting
  • Advice, implementation & roll-out
  • Maintenance & management

As independent specialists, we believe that the right disclosure management solution depends on your situation. What is the context, what are your goals, and what does the business need? We are happy to advise you on this, also during the selection process.

SAP DM in practice

Curious about the experiences of others? Read more about our experience in disclosure management in Fluent annual financial statement process at Brabant Water.

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