CCH Tagetik Reporting

User-friendly and flexible reporting with the consistency of an EPM solution.

Ease of Excel, consistency of a database

CCH Tagetik allows you to quickly generate reports which can be consulted both on the web and in Excel. You can always request a snapshot of your most up to date data from the database. We notice that users quickly get used to the CCH Tagetik reporting environment in Excel, without the inconsistency and error sensitivity of traditional Excel reporting.

Construction and management at end-users

A significant advantage of CCH Tagetik is that financials can learn to build reports themselves, instead of consulting your IT department. Because of that, our implementation technique aims for educating end-users. This makes your financial department a strategic partner of the upper management.

Our customers differ on their reporting needs, from management accounting to financial accounting. These needs include IFRS, Solvency II, but also Local GAAP; CCH Tagetik incorporates the possibility to isolate bookings to report multiple accounting standards from the same application.

The newest versions of CCH Tagetik know even more useful functionalities, version 5 includes the option for stakeholders to subscribe on periodic reports which are presented by push notifications across devices.

The benefits of Reporting with CCH Tagetik

  • Create all reports from one single source
  • Update all reports dynamically
  • Built-in audits and controls
  • Full consistency and exclusion of mistakes
  • Elimination of time-consuming activities like audits and screening of data
  • Cooperation with multiple users

Finext and CCH Tagetik

Finext is a 'Specialist Consulting' partner of CCH Tagetik. Because of this collaboration, we are always up to date with the latest developments and the latest solutions. CCH Tagetik consultants at Finext are trained and certified by CCH Tagetik. They are experts on the following CCH Tagetik technologies:

CCH Tagetik technologies