CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office

Collaborative Office, the disclosure management functionality of CCH Tagetik, is highly advanced. Corporate Disclosure Management helps to set up the monthly, quarterly and annual reports; data is directly imported from the CCH Tagetik database and/or Excel documents are retrieved and shown, explanatory notes can easily be added. The process around these closures becomes less time consuming and less error-prone.

The CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office software

  • Unites disclosure related processes (data collection, consolidation, reporting and analysis) so they can be completed in one system.
  • Equips all users with a single database of performance information, including financial and operational data.
  • Allows users to work and communicate in one file at a time.
  • Provides managers with an audit trail and log of all contributions, up to the metadata.
  • Reduces bottlenecks and missed deadlines.
  • Keeps users on schedule and financial managers informed with a process workflow and approvals within the system.

It is valuable for organizations because it streamlines the typically complicated disclosure process by connecting people and processes. By logging communication, and up to date source of financial data, automated renewal, maintaining one version of reports and user control, the disclosure process not only becomes more accurate but also faster and more secure.

The benefits of Disclosure Management met CCH Tagetik

  • Figures are always up to date
  • It is possible to follow who has made which changes
  • Data comes directly from the source
  • Users work together in the same file
  • There is a control and approval process
  • There is an audit trail from A to Z
  • One can easily use one report for different periods
  • You can create a workflow layout with restrictions on individual users to divide responsibilities

Finext and CCH Tagetik

Finext is a 'Specialist Consulting' partner of CCH Tagetik. Because of this collaboration, we are always up to date with the latest developments and the latest solutions. CCH Tagetik consultants at Finext are trained and certified by CCH Tagetik. They are experts on the following CCH Tagetik technologies:

CCH Tagetik technologies