Integrated Business Planning with Anaplan

Integrated business planning with Anaplan means that Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, Workforce, Marketing and IT connect. The flexible planning software of Anaplan provides a dynamic cloud platform.

Flexible and scalable platform focused on collaboration

Anaplan connects data, people and plans within an organization. Anaplan's scalable platform focuses on transparency and collaboration, enabling the entire organization to make well-considered decisions. This makes the planning process faster, more reliable and more effective.
Anaplan integrates business planning

Anaplan applications

Why Anaplan?

Anaplan has shaken up the world of Integrated Business Planning. This flexible planning solution distinguishes itself on several points from the traditional Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) products:


Anaplan offers users the possibility to customize their dashboards to their personal preferences. There is no dependence on a predefined format or setup. This is all done without the help of IT or consultants.

Real-time calculation

Calculations are processed in real-time integrated schedules so that the impact of changes on each part of the organization is immediately visible.


Anaplan is entirely cloud-based, so management of servers and associated investments do not apply.

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Anaplan honeycomb integrated business planning

Financial planning software

Real-time coordination between all planning elements within your organization; that is Integrated Business Planning with Anaplan. Through the financial planning software, it is possible to synchronize with Financial planning, Sales planning, Supply planning and Workforce planning in one joint overview. This results in well-informed decisions, mutual cooperation and company-wide alignment of the planning process. And all this while maintaining the flexibility of the process.

Anaplan uses the term Connected Planning, which is visualized in the Honey Comb.

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Success stories

With the implementation of Anaplan, can forecast operational costs in a variety of ways, from manual entry to automated statistical forecasting.

The implementation of Anaplan helps create accurate and data-driven forecasts that support the company in its growth and integration of acquisitions.

Finext and Anaplan

Finext is Anaplan partner from the very beginning and was involved in the first implementations in the Netherlands. Our Anaplan knowledge and experiences are grounded in more than 40 Anaplan implementations in different industries. Read here how we have improved the planning processes of our (international) customers using Anaplan.

Anaplan Consultants

Our committed Anaplan team with more than 10 experienced consultants supports our clients from a functional, technical and change/project management perspective. This team supports 150 colleagues who are focused on financial digitization. The variety of projects and clients makes us consider ourselves as a highly specialized Anaplan implementation partner.

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