Unified Extended Planning & Analytics, integrated within familiar environments: PowerBI or Excel.

Make data-driven and intelligent decisions

Acterys uniquely integrates Microsoft Azure, Power BI and Excel to deliver forecasting and write-back capabilities within Power BI. With the following features, Acterys helps your fast-moving organization make data-driven and intelligent decisions:

- Real-time access to your organization's performance;

- A clear picture of the future through powerful, user-friendly planning templates;

- Get fast results in the cloud or on-premise;

- Overview by integration systems and programs;

- Flexible and customizable.

The benefits of Acterys

Acterys is the all-in-one solution. We've listed the biggest advantages for you.

Flexibele planning and forecasting

Planning, budgeting and forecasting have never been easier. Whether you do top-down planning, bottom-up budgeting, rolling forecast or everything from the top down. Acterys supports you at every level of detail with advanced capabilities such as intelligent distribution, copying and simulation.

Powerful models and 'what-if' scenarios

Easily create powerful, interactive models that accurately reflect your business. Include any type of data in your model: financial, non-financial, HR, Payroll, CRM, Google Analytics. Simulate different scenarios, apply business drivers, test new products, change organizational structures, price and currency effects and immediately see the expected results.

Integration Power BI and Excel

Acterys extends the capabilities of MS Power BI by adding unique planning and write-back capabilities of data and comments. Now the entire organization can forecast and plan via clear,

interactive dashboards and reports. For those who still prefer spreadsheet flexibility, the Acterys Excel Add-in is available.

Security through user rights

Set specific user rights and integrate directly with existing user management environments, such as Active Directory. Interfaces automatically ensure that users can only access the information they have rights to. In addition, every transaction in Acterys is registered in a comprehensive audit trail. So you know exactly where, when and by whom individual transactions have been performed.

Unparalleled performance

Acterys uses the latest memory technologies. These enable unparalleled performance for write-back and modelling data, built on the proven, industry-leading MS SQL platform.


"Prepared for the future with AI enhanced analytics and planning capabilities directly integrated into your familiar environment and advanced analytics solutions on the web, Power BI & Excel"

About Finext

Finext is the largest independent consultancy in the Netherlands that guides, advises and supports the implementation of Acterys EPM solutions. Our Acterys specialists help you with, among other things:

> Software licensing
> Software selection
> Installation and hosting
> Advice, implementation & roll-out
> Aftercare & management

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