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Achieving business success within the organization boils down to a simple formula: supply that meets demand. This is not always easy to achieve. The world is subject to change; to make adjustments, an agile and informed organization is necessary. Supply Chain planning with Anaplan enables you to make better-informed decisions and meet customer delivery requirements. Regain control of all information flows within the organization!

By Willem van Os, March 2021

Why Supply Chain planning with Anaplan?

If your organization wants to create and deliver value to the consumer or end customer, then streamlined integration and coordination of the various business processes in the Supply Chain is essential.

In recent years, Supply Chain Management has grown in popularity. Consumer demand is changing faster and faster, consumers are better informed, regulations are becoming more stringent, and then there is economic globalization. Simultaneously, the constraints are growing; there is insufficient insight into the entire chain, and operational risks increase.

Supply Chain Planning

The power of an agile organization

These challenges require an agile and informed organization. In turbulent times or changing market conditions, we see uncertainty and complexity increase in many organizations. After all, how do you ensure that you can meet market demands, and how do you achieve optimal alignment between procurement and sales? There is an urgent need to work together more effectively with all relevant parties, including customers and suppliers. Supply Chain planning with Anaplan offers the appropriate solution.

Benefits of Supply Chain planning with Anaplan

By implementing a scalable Supply Chain solution, you build a resilient Supply Chain destined against disruptions and risks. Financials are empowered to manage better cash flow, plan and forecast beyond the usual cycle, reducing supplier risk.

Optimize inventory productivity

Respond quickly to changing demand

Reduce inventory and failure costs

Achieve higher customer satisfaction

Real-time collaboration between departments, suppliers and customers

To get a grip on all information flows within the organization, it is necessary to integrate and adequately control all goods flows in the supply chain for both internal and external purposes. When all links within the organization are connected, you can make informed decisions faster and respond to changes. This smarter setup allows you to, among other things:

  • Establish a day-to-day and long-term planning horizon that matches the pace of your organization;
  • Merge data into a Single Source of Truth; changes are processed in real-time within the solution. As a result, changes within one department are immediately applied to other departments.
Supply chain Planning

Planning as key to success

Good planning is indispensable for achieving success in the Supply Chain. A planning that runs like a thread through the chain. Not only does planning have an impact on customer satisfaction, but, more importantly, it is crucial for increasing revenue. However, seamless integration of all the organization’s planning bodies is not something you can do overnight. And how do you then convert the insights into concrete actions? A scalable tool offers a solution and connects Supply Planning, Demand Planning and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).

Supply Planning

Determine how the organization can best meet the requirements of Demand Planning. Supply Planning provides accurate delivery forecasts and identifies critical signals using a Single Source of Truth.

Demand Planning

Meet customer expectations and drive demand rather than the other way around. Demand Planning enables you to make reliable forecasts based on business drivers. Use trends from previous periods, similar products and estimates for forecasting. Gain insight into fluctuations in the market and which life cycle the products are in. These insights are also relevant for Workforce Planning, among others.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Align the supply and demand of products in such a way that optimal financial results are achieved. Through relevant statistics and precise forecasts, better decisions can be made for the organization.

Optimizing inventory becomes easier

Having a good overview of the stock can be difficult. Finding out where to store inventory in the chain to reduce prices and increase efficiency requires inventory optimization. Anaplan’s ‘Optimizer engine’ makes this process easier and faster. By comparing all variables, such as lead time, change in demand and service levels, it becomes clear exactly how much stock is needed at each location to meet the customer’s requirement. All planning efforts in sales, marketing, finance and operations come together. Because of these collaborations, business goals are achieved faster. This profitable and efficient way leads not only to less waste but also to more satisfied customers.

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