• Smart insights through effective dashboarding with Board

Have you invested a lot of time in a project, and are you wondering if you are still on track? Or do you quickly lose the overview because you use different data sources? In moving times, it is important to monitor the impact of external circumstances immediately and to be able to respond directly. By bringing all data together in one location, it becomes clear where bottlenecks occur, and you can better and faster steer for problems. This saves you valuable time to analyze results or implement change subsequently.

By Ravi Santokhi, December 2020

Smart insights through effective dashboarding with Board

Important information in one overview

Do you still make dashboards in Excel? And do you encounter the same problems over and over again? The raw data is not loaded correctly, your dataset contains errors, or you spend an unnecessary amount of time on manual tasks. Large and complex spreadsheets are not only error-prone; setting up and maintaining them is also incredibly time-consuming. With effective dashboarding, most important information is displayed visually, so statistics and KPI’s are clear at a glance.

If you want to monitor all data flows from a single point, then a reliable dashboard is important. This simplifies the creation of consistent and reliable reports, but it also speeds up decision-making and making connections.

Because all flows come together in the Business Intelligence dashboard of Board, there is overview and insight into the most important data of the organization. This way, you will be able to adjust your results directly.

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Business Intelligence dashboard

The stress of incorrect data or always having to do an extra check on the data because the elements in your dashboard are not synchronous. Nothing is more annoying than when data is adjusted at a certain level and not extended throughout the system.

With a Business Intelligence dashboard of a Performance Management system, such as Board, all data about business processes are collected and mapped. The underlying data connect, and each element is interactive. This way, you get reliable data in the charts at any time of the day.

With this information, you can make faster decisions on an operational and strategic level. Controlling business processes and making complex analyses has never been easier!

effectief dashboarding


Direct insight into figures with a KPI dashboard

When your dashboard is set up effectively, it is clear at a glance where improvement is possible. The numbers in the dashboard are real-time, reliable and accessible from any location. In this way, everyone within the organizations is always up to date with the latest developments. Within a KPI dashboard you can easily zoom in on a specific KPI, dates or periods, and you can quickly switch between different departments.

By bringing the KPI’s together in a dashboard, you get an overview and insight about the status of strategies and business objectives. You can compare objectives with an actual performance at different levels of detail. The objectives can be shared with everyone within the organization. In this way, one can work towards the same result and follow the impact of decisions in real-time.

The benefits of effective dashboarding with Board

  • Overview of organizational performance and insight into bottlenecks
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments through real-time data
  • Overview of the most important information through interactive visualizations
  • Better control of business processes and speed up decision making
  • Time-saving; manual and error-prone work belongs to the past


dashboarding board


Effective dashboard visualization

Losing the overview due to cluttered graphs and making mistakes by encoding yourself is a thing of the past when you use dashboarding with Board. An effective dashboard is designed to visualize complex data for any user.

Board uses a drag & drop design with clear visualizations, so you can set up your dashboard in a simple but clear way. Dataviews, maps, charts, widgets and tables can help you with this.

Because all new data in the data source is converted directly into visualizations, you are always up to date with the latest developments. To promote awareness and change, trends and missed targets are also clear at a glance; this way, you always keep your KPI’s in sharp focus.

Real-time insight

The importance of live data is becoming increasingly important. Board uses a multidimensional data model, using data that was previously present in another database. The Business Intelligence dashboard provides a clear, visual indication of performance in real-time.

Do you need quick access to the data but don’t have a laptop at your disposal? Request information quickly via your phone or tablet and have access to data anytime, anywhere.


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