Interim finance professional

Interim finance professional

Every organisation will at times need interim finance capacity. Whether you want to improve the quality of your financial team, want to support ambitious growth, or want to manage larger financial projects more smoothly. For us, interim deployment is not just about bringing in craftsmanship, because Finexters bring with them an extra element: we achieve improvements. We tackle structural problems, thus improving your basis, and we also advise you on how to gain more insight. In doing so, we actively connect the finance and other departments. Our goal? Establishing a lasting improvement with each finance project or interim finance deployment.

Finext provides substantive craftsmanship for the various aspects of the financial function. We strive to concretely improve our clients’ finance department. We offer interim finance support and we supervise transformation programmes that improve the control and scalability of the organisation, the control of costs, t he creation of transparency, and risk management. With our extensive finance experience, we are tried and tested in the financial field, and we reach our full potential in organisations that are changing rapidly. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with financial challenges or if you require specific financial knowledge.

We can offer support through

  • Interim Controller
  • Interim Finance Manager
  • Interim Business Analyst
  • Interim Cashflow Management
  • Interim Revenue Assurance
  • Interim Young Professionals

Our cornerstones

Making more progress with your finance team

Interim financials want to make progress: to effect improvements and clear backlogs, while also examining each process critically. We follow through and put things in order. The hectic world of finance often requires a smart deployment of interim financials. Finexters provide substantive craftsmanship for the various aspects of the financial function along the axis of people, processes, and systems. Would you like to make more progress with your finance team?

Continuously improving

Improvement is contagious: small improvements lead to bigger ones, and separate improvements lead to a chain reaction of improvements. We always look for improvements, and because of our “snap-snelheid” (our “grasp speed”), we keep an overview of what is going on. Grasp speed refers to our capacity for swiftly ascertaining the facts – main themes and matters of concern – and quickly analyzing and assessing them. The same goes for the aspect of organisational sensitivity: we understand how things work in organisations. Would you like your finance team to continuously improve?

Financial craftsmanship

Knowledge is essential for improving your finance team’s performance. Our experts enjoy sharing their knowledge, so that your team can quickly and easily take over. With the right knowledge you are not only able to work faster, but smarter as well. New objectives come into view. While it used to be important for financials to mainly have a thorough substantive knowledge of finance, the modern financial has a toolkit with a wide variety of many different types of tools.

Our interim financials:

• assist with changes in content, process, and behaviour;
• give advice on their own initiative, thereby making it possible to venture off the beaten paths;
• are not afraid to take a stand and look critically at the facts;
• anticipate changes and are constantly innovation-oriented.

Case study
Foundation for the future

As there was a need for an increase in scale and further professionalisation, EW Facility Services enlisted a professional investor. Additionally, recent mergers had had an impact on the company’s organisational model. Professional financial statements were required, and an extensive change process within the financial organisation had become necessary.

Chris van Galen, CFO of EW Facility Services: “I got to know Finext as a true business partner that moves along with you. What I also appreciate is that Finexters aren’t afraid of being critical, and have their own opinions. They focus not only on the job at hand, but on the people as well.”

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