• Integrated Business Planning with Vena

With Vena’s Integrated Business Planning, the actuals of the operation are linked directly to the financial plan, and vice versa, giving your organization a better understanding of the relationships between resources, capabilities and results. 

By Rogier Louter, May 2021

Benefits of Integrated Business Planning

An integrated business platform ensures proper coordination between various business functions, such as supply planning, financial planning and sales planning. This helps the organization make faster and better decisions. And that’s not just it.

Better coordination between departments

Through IBP, there is a better alignment between strategic goals and financial and operational activities. Because everyone within the organization gains insight into what the organization wants to achieve, it is possible for departments to work together towards a common goal.

Working on the basis of scenario planning

With more transparency between different departments, everyone can work from a shared view of data and work can be done on a scenario planning basis. This creates the advantage that both joint output and output per department can be determined.

Better accountability

More insight automatically means more awareness. Employees can be better accountable for their company-wide actions and the associated impact. This results in a growing accountability.

Typical challenges during IBP implementation process

Implementation of planning software must be done quickly and often on very short notice. In practice, we often see the following challenges when implementing Integrated Business Planning.

  • Spending too much time on IT instead of the process.
  • Spending too much time on the content of the planning tool instead of the people.
  • Wanting to include margin optimizations immediately, while in practice this is still too early.

Why Integrated Business Planning with Vena?

It is desirable for an organization to be able to respond quickly to changing market conditions. The cause often lies in the lack of connection between the financial planning and operational activities. With Integrated Business Planning (IBP), which also includes Supply Chain Management (SCU) and Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP), Vena helps your organization break through planning silos and allow planning processes to work together in an integrated environment.

Quick implementation with Vena

Practice shows that the implementation of IBP for many organizations is a complex and time consuming task. Vena software is modular which means that you can use Vena while it is being implemented in the organization. This is very suitable for organizations that want to move quickly and don’t want to wait for months of implementation.

Vena turns numbers into stories

Vena breaks the planning silos within the organization by transforming operational and financial data into an integrated business planning ecosystem.

With Vena, you can easily find correlations between financial and operational data, integrated into one business planning ecosystem. The Integrated Business Planning software gives you high-level, up-to-the-minute insight into current revenue forecasts. We do this by connecting Excel with the data from GL, ERP, CRM or other systems.

Budget bepaalt route
Headcount and Payroll summary Vena

Flexibly deployable and modularly built

Vena provides flexible and detailed insights per virtual store. The implementation takes only a few months. A Vena specialist from Finext helps to take over regular tasks, giving you as an organization more time for the implementation. At Bol.com, this method provided a lot of speed, so the organization was running on Vena within a few months. Want to know more?

Integrated Business Planning goes beyond Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

With IBP, you get one set of numbers so that sales, marketing, and supply chain work together toward one goal. Plans from different departments come together in this and are forged into one functional plan.

Like any other organization, the goal is to minimize risk and maximize profit. In this, IBP goes further than S&OP, because IBP is used in a targeted way to achieve both strategic and financial goals.

Pipeline analysis vena

Vena in practice


Bol.com requires agility and speed from the finance department. Vena provides flexible and detailed insights per virtual store. 

Finext & Vena

Vena excels in Excel, combining the best parts of Excel with the power of a complete financially driven planning solution. Finext’s Vena team has certified Integrated Business Planning experts to help grow your organization.

Distinguished partner

Finext has received the Distinguished Partner label from Vena in 2021. This makes Finext a dedicated and integrated part of the Vena team. For more information on these labels, check out the official Vena partner site.

Finext Vena Distinguished Partner

Vena Consultants

The Vena team at Finext consists of a group of talented consultants with highly specialized knowledge of Vena software. Curious about our consultants?

Want to know more about Vena? We regularly host workshops and trainings, webinars and knowledge sessions.

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