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The outcome of the Brexit, the US-China trade conflict, the price of a barrel of oil or commodity prices? The outcome of these developments is highly uncertain. This also applies to market developments. We may make predictions, but the future cares little for our forecasts; the future takes its own course. Nevertheless, organizations must anticipate not only geopolitical and macro-economic developments but also changes in the sales funnel, restrictions in the supply of materials or available capacity of resources, for example.

By Marc Roest, June 2021

Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is therefore high on the CFO’s agenda. This planning process continuously links strategy with operational planning. The goal is for the organization to achieve its strategic and derived financial and operational objectives and targets. Examples are market share, revenue, gross margin, EBIT, cash, working capital or delivery reliability.

OneStream as a platform for IBP

Software supplier OneStream offers an integrated software platform to facilitate IBP. An integrated planning process supported by one integrated platform brings the functional plans together into a jointly supported and robust future plan. One coherent set of figures (‘one number’ plan) with which you send Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain on the road to one common goal. This also increases the content and quality of financial forecasts because they are based on concrete plans that will be implemented in the operation.

Webinar: Integrated Business Planning in OneStream

Integrated Business Planning can be a complex process. We can imagine that you sometimes struggle with it or have questions about it, such as: what results can you expect from it? And what are the drivers for starting an Integrated Business Planning process?

During the webinar on June 29, we will show you how OneStream supports Integral Business Planning. Want to know more about this webinar? Read more information here.

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