• Integrated Business Planning with Anaplan

A real-time coordination between all planning bodies within your organization, that is Integrated Business Planning with Anaplan. Synchronizing Financial planning, Sales planning, Supply planning and Personnel planning in one established overview, whereby informed decisions, mutual cooperation and company-wide coordination of the planning process is established.

Integrated Business Planning with Anaplan

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a model where business planning is incorporated into a holistic plan. There is a real-time alignment between various business functions, such as strategic planning, financial planning, supply planning, workforce planning and sales planning. All planning bodies within the organization are connected. As a result, there is alignment and transparency across all business units about the company’s economic and operational expectations. This enables more informed decisions to be made more quickly. Moreover, this puts planning at the centre of the organization’s operating results because information is visible at a glance with IBP, the reliability of forecasting and financial projections increases.

IBP model

Watch the video below to see how Integrated Business Planning with Anaplan matches the strategy:

Connected Planning

Anaplan uses the term Connected Planning to refer to the connection between different business units.

The benefits of Connected Workforce Planning come in handy when filling out your workforce in Anaplan. Various departments, such as HR, finance and business planning, are synchronized with each other. This results in reliably and efficiently workforce planning. Workforce Planning gives you insight clearly and quickly, allowing operational and tactical plans to be executed in the right way, with the right people.

Connected Planning is fully available in the cloud, making information available from any location. The user-friendliness makes it easy for any user to create a dashboard that can be fully customized, without other users seeing.

Check out the Honey Comb below which visualizes the cohesion and dependency of multiple business units.

connected planning

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