• IFRS 16 with Anaplan

Finext takes care of the IFRS 16 standards with an application in Anaplan. This IFRS 16 software has built-in functionalities, enabling a fast and scalable implementation.

IFRS 16 with Anaplan

Every organization that must comply with the International Accounting Standards (IAS), is by IFRS 16 required to recognize lease contracts in the balance sheet. This causes huge consequences for the size of the balance sheet, for the financial reports and for identifying and collecting correct information. For this, Finext has a smart solution.

IFRS 16 Solution Anaplan

The Anaplan specialists at Finext have developed an IFRS 16 solution on the Anaplan platform. With this solution, we provide a fast implementation, a limited burden on IT resources and a cloud-based platform. This allows the application to grow with the organization without having to make investments in advance.

Users can independently create new contracts and modify existing contracts. Automated uploads provide insight into new or modified contracts. For example, this IFRS 16 software is suitable for directly loading contract information from the Leaseplan portal into Anaplan. The financial consequences of changes to contracts are automatically calculated. The results of these calculations can be processed directly in your ERP system.
Finext provides a custom build implementation of the IFRS 16 software that matches the specific IFRS 16 accounting processes within your organization.

Read how Finext implemented the IFRS 16 module at Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG).

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