• How do you integrate PowerBI into CCH Tagetik?

For years people have been saying that the worlds of Finance and IT are moving closer together. What does this mean for your company in concrete terms? What opportunities are there for integration and visualization? How can your finance department leverage the power of CCH Tagetik to link and report in Power BI? In this video we look at how you, as a CCH Tagetik Professional, can achieve a seamless integration of your data with Power BI in a quick and easy way.

By Jeroen Beentjes, May 2021

Integrate PowerBI into CCH Tagetik

How do you integrate PowerBI into CCH Tagetik? Choosing this powerful combination will give your company the following benefits:

  1. You increase the impact of your finance department in your organization by allowing more people to use the rich contents of your database;
  2. The availability of this data in a tool like Power BI ensures that non-financial data from multiple sources can also be measured against finance’s truth. In that way, it is possible to get deeper insights into the impact of market changes on the performance of your company.
  3. Because you continue to maintain the structures in CCH Tagetik, you as a department are always in control of the definitions and categorization of data in Power BI.

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