• Finext named Diamond Partner by OneStream Software

Finext has achieved the rare Diamond Partner Level status. Worldwide, less than a dozen of OneStream consultancy partners have been awarded this status. The Diamond Level reflects the in-depth experience and outstanding work of the OneStream consultants at Finext.

By Marc Roest, January 2023

Finext named Diamond Partner by OneStream Software

Finext has been awarded the OneStream Diamond Partner Level together with its sister company Sonum International. The new status fits a long list of achievements; more than 70 OneStream projects have been rolled-out. In 2014, Finext and Sonum International were the first OneStream Partner in Continental Europe to deliver the first 5 OneStream implementations, in 7 years another 65 followed.

Highest level of OneStream partnership

“We are thrilled to announce that Finext and Sonum International have been awarded Diamond Partner Level status,” says Stephanie L. Cramp, vice president of global alliances at OneStream. “Finext and Sonum International earned the rare Diamond status based on their outstanding work and their in-depth finance and process knowledge.”

The OneStreamDiamond Partner Level is the highest level of partnership granted to less than a dozen of consultancy partners worldwide. “Based on our strong relationship of the past 7 years, we see that OneStream has taken EPM to the next level across the world. OneStream is still growing rapidly and delivers corporate standards while also satisfying business unit and business process detail requirements, all in a single unified application,” says Marc Roest, lead consultant at Finext.

Beyond Performance Management

Finext and Sonum offer an in-depth broad range of business process implementation. “OneStream is more than a Performance Management solution. The platform is very well suited to combine different business processes into one system,” continues Marc. “Our consultants use their business, functional and technical knowledge to help organizations combine these processes into one source of information.”

This knowledge covers not only a number of Performance Management processes, such as integrated business planning, management information, financial consolidation, account reconciliation, cash forecasting and lease accounting (IFRS16), but also processes such as BI, tax reporting, project administration and sustainability reporting.

Over 70 OneStream implementations

Finext and Sonum International have successfully implemented over 70 OneStream projects at more than 35 companies spread over 10 countries. “Over the years, we’ve built our own OneStream Center of Excellence with more than 35 experienced consultants,” says Roy Piek, lead consultant at Sonum International. “Our specialization enables the Office of Finance & Operations to become a valuable business partner, by ensuring the organization will take advantage of the platform for the full 100%.”

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