• Financial Planning & Analysis with Anaplan

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) with Anaplan’s flexible planning solution, connects data, people and plans within the organization. Optimize daily operations by simplifying the budgeting process and create insight and overview in financial analysis. In this way, business performance is managed more dynamically and intelligently.

By Willem van Os, February 2021

Why Financial Planning & Analysis?

Many FP&A professionals struggle with insufficient time, which prevents financial figures from being reported quickly. Making accurate forecasts is a challenge because financial planning within various organisation departments is often not well connected. Also, there is little insight into real-time processes, making quick analysis impossible. One thing is certain: if you want to streamline this entire process, a scalable FP&A planning solution is the answer.

Benefits of FP&A with Anaplan

A planning software helps you identify and monitor performance gaps, assess the impact of specific actions and create “what-if scenarios. All Financial Planning applications come together in one platform. The flexible, scalable and modular planning software is easy to maintain without IT dependency. Because data is managed unilaterally, there is one Single Source of Truth. Besides that, FP&A with Anaplan offers the following benefits:

Fully available in the cloud

Powerful real-time planning & calculations

Comprehensive dashboards & visualizations

Single Source of Truth

One platform for financial planning & analysis

Being able to respond quickly to changing market conditions is more important than ever. Traditional planning is often too slow in this regard. The planning cycle takes too long, and a lot of time get lost in collecting the necessary data. Time that you should spend on accurate analysis that add value to the organization.

How can you overcome these challenges? Anaplan’s integrated approach means working together on a single planning process; all in line with the business objectives.

Anaplan FP&A

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

The planning, budgeting and forecasting process constantly regulates the organization, enabling continuous growth of the company. Are you already using a planning solution, but is it currently taking up too much time or is it not sufficiently clear?

  • Anaplan simplifies and automates the entire process: less workload and more efficient operations;
  • Generate analysis and reports in a short time: take the right decisions faster;
  • Create figures automatically in a dashboard: manual input is a thing of the past;
  • Accelerate the financial forecasting process: data-driven forecasting becomes a lot more fun, easier and faster.

Financial Planning in the cloud

To be able to react quickly, a clear and concise planning is necessary. A financial planning that is not just focused on one department, but on the entire organization. This scalable solution from Anaplan is flexible and applied to the strategy.

As an EPM leader in the cloud, Anaplan has made Financial Planning & Analysis fully available in the cloud platform. As a result, data can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This also makes all specialities available in the cloud platform, including:

  • Zero-based budgeting;
  • Profitability Modeling;
  • Pricing Analytics;
  • Modelling Mergers.

Operational Planning

The world around us is changing faster than ever. If you want to move with it as an organization, then the importance of an agile organization is imperative. This creates more space for creating innovation and improving decision-making. But how do you make and shape this space?

In operational planning, the strategy is linked to execution; this means that financial planning and operational planning are synchronized company-wide. This connection ensures that the best financial results are achieved.

Anaplan’s financial planning software also makes it possible to link various business functions together in a single overview. We call this Connected Planning:

Anaplan Finance

Financial Planning & Analysis in Practice


The implementation of Anaplan helps create accurate and data-driven forecasts that support the company in its growth and integration of acquisitions.


With the implementation of Anaplan, Booking.com can forecast operational costs in a variety of ways, from manual entry to automated statistical forecasting.

Finext & Anaplan

Anaplan is transforming the world of business modelling and planning. Companies can plan, collaborate and act in real-time with our platform. Finext is an Anaplan partner from the very beginning and has dedicated financial planning consultants.

Anaplan consultants

The committed team with Anaplan specialists supports clients from a functional, technical, and project management perspective. Our Anaplan knowledge and experience are grounded in over 40 Anaplan implementations in various industries.

Want to know more about Anaplan? We regularly organize trainings, webinars and knowledge sessions.

Anaplan Bronze Partner

Want to know more about FP&A with Anaplan?

Are you wondering what Anaplan’s flexible planning solution can do for your organization? Schedule a 30-minute demo with one of our Anaplan consultants! During this session, we will show you how to optimize your daily operations with FP&A, and you can indicate which components you would like to know more about.

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