Finance & Control

Faster and better management information with figures you can rely on, and a reduction of repetitive activities. Finance is changing at a rapid pace. How can I build a mature financial function? And how will I know what is needed to do so? At Finext, our interim finance & control professionals possess a wide range of finance knowledge and expertise.

We provide substantive craftsmanship for the various aspects of the financial function. An interim finance & control professional will improve your basis and provide you with insight. We would even more so prefer to take the entire finance department or a large project to the next level, actively connecting the finance and other departments. Our goal? Establishing a lasting improvement with each finance project or interim finance deployment.

Enhancing the impact of your financial function

Where to start with improving the financial function? As interim finance & control professionals, we will assess the organisation, have a good look around, listen to everyone’s needs and opinions, hold up a mirror, and bring best practices with us. In this way, we will provide you with the insights you need to bring your financial function to a higher level.

Our interim finance & control professionals will help you take the next step in organisational maturity. We will make sure the monthly closing process works efficiently and effectively, we will critically examine current management reports together, and will advise on how improvements can be made. We will also make sure the quality and the scalability of the financial organisation increase, for instance by correctly programming processes and controls in combination with the right automation. And at the same time we will also roll up our sleeves and assist with different activities, such as forecasting, planning, projects, reporting, and analysing.

We do this in a creative, committed, and entrepreneurial way. Always using a personal approach, not throwing things over the wall but getting to the root of the problem, and, together with you, finding the best solution. We apply this approach in two different ways:

Finance & Control

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