Enterprise Performance Management

Many successful companies manage their organization through Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). EPM does not only provide greater insight into actual performance, it also ensures faster and more efficient collaboration between departments.

Enterprise performance management

Smart software for improving business processes

In many cases a software solution is a smart enabler to improve business processes. Each situation is unique and requires a specific approach. We therefore work with the best possible solutions in the market and support our customers end-to-end. From advice, software selection and implementation to aftercare and management. Curious how EPM can help your organization?

Adopt, analyze and optimize quickly

Gain insight into performance easily and quickly. With EPM, every department within the organization can retrieve the same accurate figures. In this way, a department cannot only adjust more quickly, but it can also adjust easier and faster. Some of the facets of Enterprise Performance Management are planning, forecasting, reporting and dashboarding. In general, EPM helps to shorten, clarify and simplify the planning cycle.

Optimaliseren met Enterprise performance management

Enterprise Performance Management: more confidence in your reports

An Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution helps organizations to define a clear strategy, create clear schedules and clear analyses. We support our customers with pragmatic solutions in the areas of:

Consolidation and Corporate Reporting

Create overview by integrating different reporting components into smart reporting systems. Finext offers powerful consolidation solutions that optimize corporate reporting.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

EPM helps you to better anticipate in changing circumstances in your organization. Finext helps organizations to make their budgeting, planning and forecasting process smarter, faster and simpler.

Chain & Process Optimization

Organizations perform better when costs are cut wherever possible. Finext creates this space by ensuring that every step is taken in an efficient way.

Disclosure Management

Avoid as much ad hoc and manual work as possible. Disclosure management solutions help you see basic figures faster and ease the monthly and annual report process or internal management reports.

Information Management & Dashboarding

Turn current data into forward-looking information with the right management information and dashboarding. Fast decision-making makes companies effective and successful.

Cost & Profitability Management

Gain new insights into the profitability of your products, services and customers. This way you know exactly which part of your business needs the most attention.

How your organization can benefit from EPM

Full automation

Avoid errors and labor-intensive work thanks to full automation of reporting, consolidation processes and financial planning.

Space for strategy and future

Get correct numbers behind the story and experience an acceleration of cycle times. This creates more time and space for strategic work.

Better cooperation between departments

Let numbers and data come together in one plan so that all operations and departments within the organization can work well together.

Software partners we work with

For 20 years we have been implementing the leading Enterprise Performance Management solutions at now more than 200 organizations nationally and internationally. Our Performance Management team consists of nearly 100 experienced, skilled and certified EPM professionals.

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Wondering which software partner suits the needs of your business? Check out our Software Selection Program.

Selecting a solution for consolidation, reporting, budgeting and forecasting is a complex and time-consuming task for many organizations. No worries! Finext’s Software Selection Program helps you during the orientation, test and selection phase.

Performance Management Value Chain

Together with Plainwater, Sonum International and Swap Support, we form the Performance Management Value Chain.

To be able to report and control smoothly, understanding of all elements of Enterprise Performance Management is necessary. To this end, we combine our expertise of information synergy & architecture, consulting & implementation and management, hosting & installation for both national and international projects.

Each from our own expertise, connected by our unique way of working. Good management, with reliable figures and fast reports from a stable system, becomes reality for any organization.