Disclosure management

Around the annual report, you would prefer to avoid as much manual and ad hoc work as possible. Disclosure management solutions help you to view basic figures more quickly and make the monthly and annual report process or the internal management reports more flexible.


Automatiseer handmatige processen

What is Disclosure Management?

Disclosure management is, in fact, the streamlining of manual reporting compilation and control processes. By streamlining the so-called ‘Last-Mile’ you will gain insight into which reporting processes are open for improvement. In this way you can publish annual reports and other statutory reports in an efficient and flexible manner.

Disclosure Management: more time to analyse business performances

Within organizations we regularly see that finance professionals have to manually process data, which mainly originates from management analyses, discussions – and explanations. This manual processing and review of data is time consuming.

Disclosure management helps finance professionals to automate and streamline these manual processes, allowing you to better use this valuable time. For example, for effectively analyzing and communicating business performance and risk assessments.

More time with disclosure management

Benefits of Disclosure Management

Faster annual report process

Experience the convenience of automatic links and avoid manual activities. Save time through smart collaboration features and workflow management.

Prevent errors

Complex version management is a thing of the past. Multiple people and departments can now work together on a single document.

Less manual handling

Stop wasting time on the process. Get time for focus on content.

Visibility from A to Z

Shows the story behind the numbers in one go. Fully automated.

Disclosure Management Solutions

At Finext, we believe that simplicity works. With more than 20 years of experience at the intersection of finance and IT, we connect successful applications to the right organizations. Since our inception, we have been working with market leading solutions. Check out our Disclosure management solutions below.

SAP logo

SAP Disclosure management

SAP is the market leader in EPM solutions and offers smart solutions to streamline business operations. With SAP Disclosure management (DM) you can easily combine data and comments from different people. Exclusive to SAP DM is the audit trail, which allows you to easily see who made which change.

CCH Tagetik logo

CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office

With CCH Tagetik, you can easily create reports that you can access both on the web and in Excel. Is your organization happy working in Excel, but looking for a less error-prone solution? CCH Tagetik offers the ease of Excel and the flexibility of the Cloud, but without the high error sensitivity of traditional reports.


Sturnis365 Disclosure management

Sturnis offers Disclosure Management in a different way. End users collaborate efficiently while creating and publishing business documents with MS Office. Sturnis 365 is known for their classic application implementation ‘Inversed Design’. This allows you to import an existing document, after which Sturnis creates the application.


Workiva Disclosure management

Workiva makes it possible to connect data directly from the source. This increases data accuracy and data trust. The open platform makes it possible to connect the most complex data streams. Workiva is the most new partner at Finext.


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