EPM Software Selection Program

How does the software selection process work?

The software selection process consists of an intensive guidance in which Finance and EPM specialists help you to choose the right EPM solution. It is important to carefully consider the conditions that the EPM needs to meet. In order to avoid any pitfalls, the Finext Software selection process is divided into 5 unique phases.

Finext Software Selectie

1. Vision

High-level demo’s, look&feel en vision on support

In this step we create awareness on the latest developments in the software market, possibly supported by high-level demos of the various solutions for a first ‘look & feel’. Important themes that are also discussed are the vision and possibilities of ‘integrated EPM platform’ versus ‘point solutions’, ‘development tool’ versus ‘application’, but also the vision on ‘management by the own organization’.

2. Requirements 

Define scope and prioritize stakeholders

During the ‘Requirements’ step, we establish the scope of the intended solution together. We don’t start with a blank sheet, but use the overview of requirements that we have built up over the last 20 years. With the help of an online questionnaire we gain insight into the priorities of stakeholders and we can move directly to the content. This creates room for the really useful discussions and we can skip the no-brainers. Sometimes the reporting processes are so complex that it makes sense to visualize them graphically first. For this we use visualization solutions such as ‘Engage Modeler’. This way, we quickly get to the bottom of the complexity and can look for the smart improvement.

3. Scan

From longlist to shortlist

During this step, we score the known solutions from the market based on the requirements and the weighting given by the stakeholders. This objective method leads us to an interesting shortlist of CPM solutions.

4. Proof

Demos and use cases

Based on this shortlist, we draw up a number of demo scripts. This allows us to have several ‘use cases’ worked out, where the differences between the solutions are well highlighted. It is our role to guide this process, to ask critical questions and to make sure the cooperation between the customer and software supplier runs smoothly.

5. Select 

Customer experiences and choice of solution

Besides being able to experience the software for yourself, it is at least as important to talk to other customers in the market and how they came to their choices. In this phase we call upon our network, show you some practical examples and (if desired) organize discussions with other customers.

Want to know more about the stages in the selection process? Then contact an EPM Selection Specialist.

The 5 biggest pitfalls to avoid when choosing your EPM solution

Choosing the right EPM solution requires a planned approach. Choose a comprehensive mediation and avoid a long-term miscalculation.

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The advantages of an EPM solution

Full automation

Avoid errors and labor-intensive work thanks to full automation of reporting, consolidation processes and financial planning.

Space for strategy and future

Get correct numbers behind the story and experience an acceleration of cycle times. This creates more time and space for strategic work.

Better cooperation between departments

Let numbers and data come together in one plan so that all operations and departments within the organization can work well together.

Software partners we work with

For 20 years now, we have been implementing leading Enterprise Performance Management solutions at various organizations at home and abroad. Although technology is not a goal in itself, the right applications can have an accelerating and unifying effect. We know what we are talking about: Finext has been operating at the intersection of finance and IT for almost 20 years now. Since we started we have been working with the leading solutions in the market. At the same time, we remain curious about the latest applications and solutions. We are constantly evaluating our portfolio.

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Independent EPM Software Specialist

Finext has successfully helped more than 200 Dutch organizations with the selection, implementation and management of EPM solutions in the past 20 years. With a Performance Management team of 100 experienced, skilled and certified EPM professionals, we are the largest independent EPM specialist in the Netherlands.

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