Digital Finance 2021

Digital transformation is a major trend. Many organizations see the need for it. It is no longer possible to imagine our working lives without it. On the 11th of November, our newest event ‘Digital Finance’ took place. During this event, experts shared their vision on trends in Digital Transformation. Scroll down to watch the full recording in Dutch.

By Martijn Meuling, November 2021

During our event, we hosted the following sessions:

Interview with Dr. Didier Bonnet

A globally recognized thought leader on digital transformation, Didier pioneered the concept of digital transformation over a decade ago and is co-author of the best-selling book “Leading Digital” described as the “source code” for understanding the DNA of successful digital transformation. His new book “Hacking Digital” is focused on best-practice execution. Didier is a strategic thinker who blends in-depth research with deep business experience, having helped some of the world’s largest organizations transform into digital leaders. Didier is a Professor of Strategy and Digital Transformation at IMD Business School is Switzerland.

Discussion & Panel with Prof. Dr. Frank Hartmann and Maarten Bronda

Prof. Dr. F.G.H. Hartmann RC Frank Hartmann is Professor of Accounting at the Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University. Frank conducts research on financial control in complex organizations and the role of financial information on human behavior. His recent research makes use of insights of neurobiological techniques from neuroscience and philosophy of mind. He publishes about this subject in (inter)national scientific and professional journals. He is also the (co-)author of a number of textbooks in this field. Frank teaches in several educational programs for controllers and financial managers.

Interview with Menno Lanting

Menno Lanting is considered the expert on the impact of the rapidly changing world on innovation, organizations and leadership. He is a much sought-after speaker and advisor. He gives 200 lectures and workshops a year that excel through a special mix of humor, practical examples and well-founded cases. More than 100,000 people have read his bestsellers, including “Connect!”, management book of the year.

View full recording below (Dutch)


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