• CCH Tagetik awards Finext with Platinum Partner status

Finext has been awarded Platinum Partner status by CCH Tagetik. The award of the Platinum Partner level is in line with the many years of close cooperation between CCH Tagetik and Finext. For example, Finext was one of the first partners of CCH Tagetik in the Benelux. The partner level is based on the in-depth expertise and the high degree of certification of the Finext consultants.

By Leon den Braber, May 2020

CCH Tagetik awards Finext with Platinum Partner status

CCH Tagetik has recently reviewed all its partners and announced ratings for each partner. The software vendor looked at the level of experience, the number of certified consultants who work with the CCH Tagetik software and the broader partner relationship. In the Netherlands, Finext is one of the few partners that have achieved Platinum Partner status.

“We are proud to announce that Finext has been named a Platinum Partner,” said Yvonne van Schaik, CeNo Alliance Manager at CCH Tagetik. “This status not only reflects the knowledge and years of experience of the Finext consultants but also the enthusiasm with which the Finexters take on new developments regarding our platform.”

Finext Platinum Partner van CCH Tagetik

Years of experience with CCH Tagetik

The Platinum Partner status fits seamlessly with the many years of close cooperation between CCH Tagetik and Finext, one of the first partners in the Benelux.

“We successfully completed the first joint implementation back in 2013, and today we are 7 years and dozens of successful implementations further,” says Leon den Braber of Finext. “We have a very good relationship. This is expressed in cooperation on projects, but also in a broader sense. Take for example our joint knowledge development and in-depth training.”

Certified CCH Tagetik consultants

When awarding Platinum status, CCH Tagetik looks at the level of certification of the consultants as well. The CCH Tagetik team within Finext consists of 10 specialized CCH Tagetik consultants and 17 consultants with a broad knowledge of Performance Management solutions, including CCH Tagetik.

“All our specialists are certified according to the principle introduced by CCH Tagetik last year,” Leon continues. “Finext, therefore, has all possible certification levels in-house; our new junior consultants are trained directly to at least the Expert certification, and the experienced consultants are certified at Pro or even CCH Tagetik Champion level.”

Broad Performance Management solution

CCH Tagetik provides an integrated Performance Management solution for a wide range of processes such as Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting, Consolidation & Close, Financial Reporting, Disclosure Management, Regulatory Reporting, Advanced Analytics & Dashboarding, and Lease Accounting.

This all-in-one finance transformation platform is specifically developed for and maintainable by finance.

“As we can bring all financial processes for organizations together in one application, we achieve more efficiency, fewer risks, and lower costs,” says Leon. “For me, this CCH Tagetik Platinum Partner status confirms our relationship and mutual trust. Nevertheless, we are not going to lean back, but will always strive for an even higher level of cooperation and partnership, as well as even deeper expertise among our consultants.”

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