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Do you wonder how you can easily translate the most complex business processes into effective business models? And do you want to achieve fast performance with great ease? With Board 11, powerful functionalities and user-friendliness are key components. Thanks to a completely redesigned engine, a new design interface and HTML5 administration, it is possible to realize a variety of business solutions with high performances and great ease.

By Ravi Santokhi, December 2020

Take the lead in Corporate Performance Management with Board

Do you also have less insight in your data, and do you spend a lot of time making decisions? The combination of Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Performance Management, creates a platform with which you, as a user, have direct insight into data and allows you to make decisions quickly. Even in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, there is an increasing interest in an integrated approach to financial processes and reporting, such as Board. With Board 11, Board takes the lead in the field of Corporate Performance Management.

Board B11
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Optimal speed and ease of use

Board WAVE
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WAVE engine

Thanks to the new WAVE engine, there is even more innovation in data compression, dramatically improving ease of use, speed and flexibility. As a result of faster data readers, procedures and layouts, it is now possible to manage enormous volumes of data.

Cube variants

Different versions of Data Cubes can be made, for example with different levels of detail, months, weeks or hours. This functionality is useful to monitor data entry and to keep track of updates. An example is when subsidiaries submit multiple versions of local data, and central managers need to be able to see changes immediately.


New interface design

Drag and drop design

Do you also quickly lose the overview when working with complex systems and a lot of different data? And does this make it difficult to make quick decisions? The design of Board is clear and user friendly. By dragging and dropping, you can quickly build visuals, analyses and dashboard. Whether it’s interactive dashboards or tables, your dashboard is made in a snap.


Board 11 features an impressive HTML5 designer. The result? Easily run reports and maximize productivity for business users. The new data model ensures an optimal representation of the data, making retrieval of even the most congested data easier than ever. Because Board 11 is available from an internet browser, you don’t need to install any applications or plug-ins. You will experience the same user experience as any other website.

Responsive screen

From large monitors to laptops or even tablets: each view adapts automatically to the resolution of the screen. You can now create a one-off report, after which it automatically adapts to each screen.

Built-in impact analysis

With the built-in impact analysis, B11 allows you to keep track of how data is modelled (cubes and entities), where it comes from (data readers), how it is transformed (procedures) and how it is visualized (screens).

Smart notes

In B11, all existing objects are improved with additional formatting options and interactivity. This makes it possible to create effective capsules. Capsules can be enriched with smart notes for the addition of explanatory information. By adding a gallery to interactive icons, you can now easily add menus, diagrams and flow charts. Also, a revamped ‘bullet chart object’ provides a simplified display of KPIs. In this way, there is more focus on a conversion-driven process.


Board Gantt Chart
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Newest features in 11.3.0

The latest release (11.3.0) also features useful new options. We look at the most important updates:

  • Entity custom sort: in addition to the current entity sort option, there is now the Custom+ option. This means that the sorting can be adjusted in two ways; manually from the tab and via the data reader
  • Gantt Chart: gain insight in activities or tasks performed by that time. It is often used as a visual representation, for example, in a graph
  • Tree: discover how items are connected. The configuration will remain consistent with all standard Board layouts
  • Map objects: Geo Map and SVG Map are the newest features. With Geo Map, it is possible to upload files into the map and link them to an area


Board continuously works on new developments within the platform. With the latest release, a lot of excellent options have been added which makes Board as a platform more and more complete. Are you curious what else Board can do for your organization? Schedule a free 30-minute demo with one of our Board experts! In this session, we will introduce you to the newest features, and you can indicate which part you want to know more about.

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