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Working with CCH Tagetik with many of you, we found several tips ’n tricks for working with the application we would like to share with you. In this edition, we will try to explain why sometimes the Excel add-in pop-up screens (e.g. Log-in, Parameter Selection, Matrix Editor windows, etc.) seem to be invisible.


What is happening?

When you switch from a dual-monitor set-up to a single-monitor set-up (after a presentation for example), or to a different dual-monitor set-up (thanks, flexplekken), your Excel add-in might generate your dialogue screens on the location where your secondary monitor used to be. The fact that the dialogue screens prevent you from doing other things in the Excel environment can be blocking: but there is a simple solution!

Gif #1

Solving the Excel Pop-up issue

There are two ways to resolve this.

1) Within windows it is possible to press your windows button and a sideways arrow button to move any program around your screen, just try it with your browser! If your pop-up screen is generated on your ‘invisible monitor’ you can press this key combination to move it back to your primary monitor.

2) Some screens unfortunately cannot be moved. If that fails, you can also hover your Excel application in your taskbar, then right-click the invisible screen and click ‘Maximize’: The screen will pop back fullscreen in your primary monitor. If the screen is already maximized on your ‘invisible monitor’ you can press ‘Restore’ and then press ‘Maximize’.

What if all of the above doesn’t work?

Finally, should the above not help, there is another way to reset the position of your Excel pop-up screens. By going to your display settings and changing the resolution of your screen the position of the window resets. To do this, go to Display Options after right-clicking on your desktop:


In the Display Settings screen, change the resolution to any other value and go to your Excel application in the newly changed resolution. When opening the Tagetik add-in pop-up boxes, they should appear in the center of your primary monitor again.

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