CCH Tagetik: 3 tips & tricks for users - bringing back the ownership register in the HTML5 user interface - Finext

Working with CCH Tagetik with many of you, we found several tips ’n tricks for working with the application we would like to share with you.

Did you know that the admin module now (mostly) works in the HTML5 interface?

This can be found in the upper right section of the sceen

Here you can recover the Flex Interface functionalities you are familiar with.

The screen might crash when you are typing in the dropdown menu, this results in losing all not-saved changes. Try to type as less as possible.

A couple of functionalities do not fully or do not work at all (at the moment). These are:

  • Data Export Service
  • Audit
  • Tools

Don’t worry, it is still possible to run a deployment. This option can now be found as ”General deployment” under the three dots on top of the screen.

The ownership register can now be found in the HTML5 user interface.


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