CCH Tagetik: 3 tips & tricks for users - Allow Flash in Chrome by default

Note: In the update of Chrome to 71.0.35, this Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions function has been disabled. Our consultants are looking for workarounds.


Working with CCH Tagetik with many of you, we found several tips ’n tricks for working with the application we would like to share with you. The purpose of this trick is to allow your flash player to open the back-end of the tool by default in your Chrome browser, instead of allowing it each time since one the later Chrome updates.

When you are in your Chrome Browser, first navigate to chrome://flags. Be mindful that enabling your flash player by default opens up your browser to flash vulnerabilities.

In the search bar, look for Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions.

Turn the box from Default to Disable, follow by Relaunch Now. Please note that your browser will relaunch, so take note of any important sites and save your progress you made on any important (Tagetik) features.

After relaunching open up the “Legacy UI” side of your Tagetik environment: It will load your flash settings immediately.

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