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How to make sure your Tagetik Excel add-in stays in your Excel application

If the Tagetik Excel add-in disappears every time you restart your PC, you can change the loading setup of the add-in.

Open command prompt

Step 1 - Tagetik Excel Addin

Type “regedit” and press “Enter”

Step 2 - Tagetik Excel Addin

A trust center screen will appear. Press “Yes”

Step 3 - Tagetik Excel Addin

The “Registry Editor” opens. Select the Current User > Software > Microsoft > Office > Excel > Addins > TagetikExcelNETClient

Step 4

Double click on “LoadBehavior”

Step 5

Make sure that there is a “3” on value data and press OK

Step 6

After restarting Excel, the excel add-in should be visible in your excel window.


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