CCH Tagetik: 3 tips & tricks for users – Dictionary for preselection other parameters

How to use a dictionary in a form to create a preselection for other parameters;

Working with CCH Tagetik with many of you, we found several tips ’n tricks for working with the application we would like to share with you. The purpose of this is to have an extra prompt to make a preselection for another prompt.

CCH Tagetik Dictionary

  1. Create a Dictionary

CCH Tagetik Dictionary 2

  1. Add elements to it

CCH Tagetik Dictionary 3

  1. Create a dictionary parameter in Excel

CCH Tagetik Dictionary 4

  1. Create a dimension parameter with a script, in this case the scenario dimension

CCH Tagetik Dictionary 5

  1. Used script in parameter

result :=“LEFT($Scenario.code,4)”,“=”,YR);

  1. In form add the dimension parameter and the created dictionary parameter

CCH Tagetik Dictionary 6


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